HSHF/nomination form 2022

Updated 10/27/21

Hammond Sports Hall of Fame

Official Induction Nomination Form


To be considered for induction into the Hammond Sports Hall of Fame, nominees must satisfy the INDUCTION CRITERIA below. Nominators should complete this form as comprehensively and accurately as possible. An accompanying listing of a nominee’s noteworthy sports achievements/honors and related documentation is valuable to the induction consideration process.


I)                    Consideration is given to former athletes, coaches, referees/umpires/officials, media members, and boosters/volunteers/unsung contributors who have been nominated.

II)                  Nominees as athletes must be at least 5 years removed from competing, have lived in Hammond, and graduated from a Hammond high school.

III)                 Nominees as coaches and referees/umpires/officials must have concluded their sports careers or reached 65 years of age, lived in Hammond, attended a Hammond school, or coached in Hammond.

IV)                All nominees must depict good citizenship.

(Please print or type)

Nominee’s name _____________________________________________________________

Category(s):    ____Athlete              ____Coach/Administrator    ____Referee/Umpire/Official

                          ____News Media     ____Booster/Volunteer/Unsung Contributor  

Nominee is:  Living _____        Deceased _____

Nominee’s address, or if he/she is deceased, name & contact information of someone else:

Contact name if not nominee ___________________________________________________

Contact’s relationship to nominee_______________________________________________

Street ______________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________ State _________________ Zip _______________

Best phone # ________________________________________________________________

Nominee’s primary city of residence during sports engagement _______________________

Years & for what schools/teams did nominee compete/coach? [Include sport(s) & position(s)]




High school graduation year_______     College graduation year______

Years & sports nominee refereed: ________________________________________________

Years of other sports engagement he/she is nominated: ______________________________

Nominee’s career highlights (provide accompanying, documented list).

Additional comments for consideration ____________________________________________




Name of nominator ____________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

Best phone # __________________________________________________________________

SUBMIT TO:                 Hammond Sports Hall of Fame

                                    c/o Hammond Civic Center

                                    5825 Sohl Ave.

                                    Hammond, IN 46320

                                    FAX:  219.933.4000